Who We Are

Tak Border Child Assistance Foundation (TBCAF) is a non-religious, non-profit foundation which was established by the people living in local community along Thai-Burma border. TBCAF provides educational support for children from low-income families, working families, neglected and vulnerable children who have less access to basic and higher education. In addition, TBCAF promotes community development by coordinating local NGOs and international NGOs.

To establish the program that is better accomplished by a group than individuals so the committee and advisory team made the decision to form TBCAF by means of utilize the various resources efficiently and effectively. TBCAF was approved by Governor (CEO) of Tak province in October 20, 2005 with the registration number is Tak Province 38/2548 in Thailand.



1.  To advocate and protect children and youth’s rights, value, and dignity on Thai-Burma border.
2.  To create and provide educational opportunities for less fortunate children, orphans, and migrants.
3.  To promote and support appropriate vocational and skilled training based on local situation.
4.  To encourage children to express themselves based on the Child Protection Bill of B.E. 2546.
5.  To get involved actively in work with both local NGOs and international NGOs.


Target areas

5 border districts of Tak province, Tha Song Yang District, Mae Ramat District, Mae Sod District, Pop Pra District, Umphang District.



1.  To organize fund-raising for children and youths’ education and skill training programs.
2.  To collaborate and build better partnerships with local communities, local NGOs and international  NGOs.
3.  To get involved with any other social work issues that may arise.


Contact informations

Address: 940, Moo 3, Mae Pa Sub-district, Mae Sot, Tak 63110, Thailand
Tel/Fax: +66-55-542068/+66-55-506670
Manager: Mr. Wathit Hathaiphatsorn
E-Mail: info@tbcaf.org