Primary Education Project


Since 2005, TBCAF has provided supplies to primary schools in coordination with the local education authority and INGOs to fully supports Thai Karen village schools by working closely with the communities in Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province.

In the 2017 school year, there are 700 students who benefited from TBCAF’s involvement in village schools. There are totally 10 village schools and 11 local Karen teachers supported by TBCAF.

TBCAF supports salaries for local Karen teachers. These teachers help Karen village students who are not familiar with Thai language and Thai culture. They teach Karen language and local curriculum  in order to preserve traditional culture and help building children’s self identity. Sometimes, TBCAF also support stationary to poor students.

In order to get better education for village students, we hold teacher training twice a year. Teachers from different villages gather together, learning about teaching skills, Karen traditional culture and environment preservation.


Here is three main parts in this project :