Hospitality and Catering Training Center (HCTC)


TBCAF developed study loan and dormitory services to help Karen youth get more education. But with the limited training and employment in Tak area, it is difficult for them to earn a living. After finish education, Karen youth go to big cities to seek a better future. But without well-equipped skills and knowledge, it is hard for them to find a proper job. This makes them easy targets for exploitation and abuse.

To meet the needs of these Karen youth, TBCAF cooperated with IECD(Institut Europeen de Cooperation et de Developpement) to provide vocational training of hospitality and catering education in 2008.  Started from finding the land, constructing buildings and we opened the  Hospitality & Catering Training Centre, giving Karen youth the opportunity for a brighter future.

HCTC offers a two-year programme; mixing educational courses with professional integration, which develops students into professionals that meet the needs of International Tourism Standards. We also provide accommodation for every students. Now Maesot district is one of the special economic zone in Thailand, more trades and business activities between Thailand and Myanmar take place in this border area. Hotels and restaurants increases, which provide more opportunities for these well-trained youth to get a proper job and lead a better life.

We also struggled weather this training will draw Karen young people away from their villages. Still we try to provide different experiences and choices for these young people. Our goal is to improve their lives, help them to survive in this global world and at the same time, do not forget who they are and where they from. As one TBCAF adviser, Pi Wathit said :

In order to have better life, Karen people can cross culture to develop themselves. But we can not forget who we are and where we from.”                                           


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